Fluide Körper - Bodies in Transition

Die Entgrenzung verkörperter Wissensordnungen Dissolving the Boundaries of Embodied Knowledge

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26.-27.05.2011, Köln

Conference, Cologne 26th - 27th May, 2011

The conference is designed to explore the notion of “embodied knowledge” from the perspective of the classical Greco-Roman world. In particular, we investigate examples of the crossing or dissolution of boundaries of the human embodied knowledge caused by deformation, hybridity, and the like.

Studies of ‘knowledge’ and of ‘the body’ often intersect in recent approaches to cultural studies. Social practices determine the form of the normative body, which in turn imposes certain behaviors on us. When these customs and norms are violated, embodied knowledge is destabilized and transformed.

Bodies are by their very nature unstable forms, and the transgression of boundaries can be unnerving. Embodied knowledge is thereby short-circuited, turning order into chaos.

One way of bringing transgressive bodies under control is through the medium of visual representation. The image makes order out of chaos; the body is objectified and, in a later phase, even estheticized.

Images of boundary-crossing bodies are especially susceptible to new interpretations, one reason for their persistence across cultures. The viewer sets a fixed image in motion, imagines a multiplicity of other forms, other meanings. In this respect the conference “Fluide Körper – Bodies in Transition” reflects one of the missions of the Center for Advanced Studies ‘Morphomata’ – to study how cultural phenomena remain consistent in form but take on new meanings over time and across borders.


Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

09.00  Dietrich Boschung (Köln)


Alan Shapiro (Baltimore), Frank Wascheck (Köln), Jörn Lang (Leipzig)


Sektion Fragmentierung & Verstümmlung

Moderation: Jörn Lang, Ralf Krumeich (Bonn) CV

10.15  Francois Lissarrague (Paris)

Bodies and shield devices Abstract & CV

Adrian Stähli (Harvard)

Fragmentierte und zerlegte Körper

-fällt aus-


11.00  Kaffeepause


11.30  Eric R. Varner (Atlanta)

Fluidity and fluctuation: the shifting dynamics of condemnation in Roman imperial portraits Abstract & CV

12.15  Steven Van Wolputte (Leuven/Köln)

An anthropologist´s perspective. Pick up the pieces: Bodies and the making of self in an African town. Abstract & CV


Sektion Stigmata

Moderation: Dagmar Grassinger (Köln) CV

14.30  Desponia Tsiafakis (Xanthis)

Thracian Tattoos Abstract & CV

15.15  Hans Bernsdorff (Frankfurt/M.)

Beschreibung der Haut. Zum Motiv der Tätowierung in der erotischen Dichtung des Hellenismus Abstract & CV


16.00  Kaffeepause



Sektion Verkrüpplung

Moderation: Melanie Lang (Köln/Leipzig) CV

16.30  Véronique Dasen (Fribourg)

Body marks - birthmarks. Body divination in ancient literature and iconography Abstract & CV

Marcello Barbanera (Rom)

Der göttliche Hinkende. Zwiespältigkeit des Hephaistos in der Darstellung des griechischen Glaubens. Abstract & CV

-fällt aus-

Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

Sektion borderline bodies

Moderation: Alan Shapiro

09.00  Nicole Kelley (Tallahassee)

„The one whom the lord loves, he cures“: Lame bodies and healing power in early Christian texts Abstract & CV

09.45  Helen King (Milton Keynes)

Between male and female in ancient medicine Abstract

Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones (Edinburgh)

The great king´s two bodies. Construction of the Persian body, East and West Abstract & CV

-fällt aus-


10.30  Kaffeepause


Sektion gender trouble

Moderation: Helen King (Milton Keynes) CV

11.00  Johanna Fabricius (Berlin)

Körperform(ung)en. Zu Strategien somatischer Geschlchterdiskurse in der griechischen und römischen Kultur Abstract & CV

11.45  Alan Shapiro (Baltimore)

Das Ewig Weibische: Alcibiades´effeminacy Abstract & CV


12.30  Mittagessen


Sektion Hybride und Monster

Moderation: Alexander Heinemann (Freiburg) CV

14.30  Aileen Ajootian (Mississippi)

Hermaphoditos ανασυρόμενος: Revealing the body Abstract & CV

15.15  Anetta Alexandridis (Cornell)

Ζῷα: Bilder des Körpers zwischen Mensch und Tier Abstract &CV


16.00  Kaffeepause


16:30  Jan Bremmer (Groningen/Köln)

Hybrid bodies in Greek initiatory ritual Abstract & CV



17:15  Marion Meyer (Wien) CV


Ort: Universität zu Köln, Albertus-Magnus-Platz, Seminargebäude Tagungsraum

Alle Interessenten sind herzlich eingeladen.
Aus organisatorischen Gründen bitten wir um Anmeldung

All welcome! There will be no registration fee.
If you want to attend please contact Monika Esser

Organisation & Anmeldung: Monika Esser (monika.esser(at)uni-koeln.de)
Konzeption: Alan Shapiro, Frank Wascheck (frank.wascheck(at)uni-koeln.de), Jörn Lang

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